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Spare Parts Planning & Forecasting

Managing and forecasting spare parts inventory to support industrial operations is both mission critical and yet exceptionally challenging for most companies. Inventory and supply chain teams deal with extreme complexity:

Massive part catalogs
Complex networks of facilities, storerooms, warehouses, and DCs
Multiple types of part consumptionPart substitution logic
Repair vs. Buy New decisions
Multiple vendors and suppliers
Common forecasting methods that work well for finished goods are often ineffective when applied to spare parts, as demand for spare parts and materials is often highly intermittent and erratic. This makes forecasting spare parts difficult. Our Software delivers a cloud inventory platform that automates forecasting while applying advanced analytics to derive trends, patterns, and probabilities from even the most intermittent of demand sets.
CCH Tagetik Supply Chain Planning’s advanced-analytic tool set includes Croston’s intermittent demand model, as well as more advanced Monte Carlo simulations for probability modeling. All of this is packaged in a cloud network environment to help users improve margins, service levels, and MRO optimization, while reducing stockouts and net carrying costs to achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO). With Predictive Planning™ for forecasting spare parts, organizations gain:

Maximum forecast accuracy
Improved intra-company and value-chain partner collaboration
Reduced stock-outsReduced safety stock
Improved service level, revenues, and customer satisfaction
Increased procurement efficiency
Download our solutions brochure to follow these eight best practices for managing spare parts inventory and you will be on your way to optimizing your inventory, forecasting spare parts, minimizing your operational and financial risk, and maximizing your return on assets.