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Maintenance & Engineering


Maintenance management is a business concept that describes the successful and efficient management of maintenance issues involved in the upkeep, operation and productivity of a factory, manufacturing facility or plant.

A maintenance manager’s goal is to increase productivity and profits through improved operations.

Improve your forecast accuracy using sophisticated forecasting algorithms that leverage machine learning, artificial intelligence, and multiple demand signals. 

Set accurate target stock levels across a multi-echelon network that will support your SLAs with an optimized inventory. But it does not stop there, get automated root cause analytics and KPI tracking to ensure that there is a closed-loop corrective action when there is a missed shipment or another failure in the network.

Optimize part availability and inventory investment by Planning your entire network:

Address service chain performance gaps with Sophisticated root cause analysis tools:

Track supplier performance over time with Data-driven inventory planning:

Reliability Engineering

Reliability engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with dependability in product life cycle management. Dependability or reliability, explains the ability of a system or component to work under stated conditions for a specified period. In theoretically, reliability defines the flip-flop of success.

The goal of reliability engineering is to evaluate the inherent reliability of a product or process and pinpoint potential areas for reliability improvement. Realistically, all failures cannot be eliminated from a design, so another goal of reliability engineering is to identify the most likely failures and then identify appropriate actions to mitigate the effects of those failures.

In simple, reliability means the probability that a failure may not occur in a given interval of time. A more rigorous definition of reliability for a given period of time under stated operating conditions is as follows, A unit of reliability is the unit probability that the unit will perform its intended function adequately.