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Data Visualization using Power BI

Numbers have an important story to tell ,They rely on you to give them a voice.


In this program you will discover from the basics of data visualization, and how to use it to better see, understand and interpret  data for better decision making. Using Power BI,  we’ll examine the fundamental concepts of data  visualization and explore its interface. By the end of the course you will be able to prepare and import data into visualization tools  and explain the relationship between data analytics and data visualization.  

No prior technical or analytical background is required. The course will guide you through the steps necessary to create your first  visualization story from the beginning based on data context, setting the stage for you to advance to the next course in the  Specialization. 

Data Visualization tools used:


Who can apply?

Graduates / Post Graduates, Chemical Engineers, Mechanical / Electrical Engineers, Executive Managers, Performance Analyst, Process Engineers, Quality Managers Etc.. 

Program Code Duration Program Classroom Online Onsite
1 Month
Data Visualization

Program Content:

Module 1

Introduction to Visual Analytics

What is visualization?; Need of visualization; Understanding of different types of  charts and graphs

Module 2

Getting started with Power BI

Working with Data Extracts in Power BI; Introduction to Area Chart & Learning About Highlighting; Adding a Filter and Quick Filter

Module 3

Working with data sets

Connecting Power BI to your database; Basic functions of Power BI; Creating  Calculated Fields; Adding Colors, Labels and Formatting; Exporting Your  Worksheet

Module 4

First step to visualization

Joining Data in Power BI; Creating a Map, Working with Hierarchies; Creating a  Scatter Plot, Applying Filters to Multiple Worksheets

Module 5

Creating Dashboard (Story-Telling)

Adding an Interactive Action – Filter; Plotting Maps, Scatterplots; Making of  Dashboard

Module 6

Starting with advance Power BI

Understanding different types of joins( Inner, outer, left, right); Joins With  Duplicate Values and Joining on Multiple Fields; Joining Data vs Blending Data in Power BI

Module 7

Working with Dual axis chart

Data Blending in Power BI; Creating Dual Axis Chart; Creating Calculated Fields in a Blend

Module 8

Advance dashboard (Story-Telling)

Downloading the Dataset and Connecting to Power BI; Mapping: how to Set  Geographical Roles; Creating Table Calculations for Gender and Age.; How to  Create a Tree Map Chart; Creating a Customer Segmentation Dashboard

Module 9

Advance Data Preparation

Data Interpreter and Pivot; Splitting a Column into Multiple Columns; Meta  Data Grid; Fixing Geographical Data Errors in Power BI

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